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These Three Pairs of Mens Shoes Will Carry You Through Life

We all know how women feel about shoes and how we all examine the perfect female pair and many times with envy. Mens shoes matter also, and if they’re scruffy and unattractive, your footwear can ruin an otherwise handsome appearance. Yes, people are looking at your feet and making judgments all the time. Men seem to get less scrutiny than women in the footwear department, especially if their shoes are at least decent-looking.

You don’t have to shell out $1,800 for a pair of expertly crafted Tom Ford wingtips and their ultimately refined leather. There is a wide range of mens shoes that look great and won’t bust your tight budget and can dramatically change your style factor. Learn more about the three pairs of mens shoes at

Experts of mens shoes agree on the types of footwear that can carry a man into the present and future without having to invest in multiple pairs to create the ideal elegant and professional image. In other words, if a man has these three mens shoes as his wardrobe essentials minimum, he can never go wrong.

GQ magazine is considered the man’s fashion and style Bible like Vogue magazine is for the modern woman. GQ’s creative director Jim Moore suggests that to exude the appeal of a classic polished man, he needs to own these basic mens shoes: wingtip, black lace-up and penny loafer.

According to Mr. Moore, a brown pair of wingtips are the perfect grown-up shoes that every male needs to have. The footwear looks amazing with a pin-striped suit, jeans and with tweed, etc. It’s quite versatile and traditional. Brown shoes look amazing with every shade except a black suit. Khaki, gray and navy go with brown wingtips.

The black lace-up is another must-have in a man’s fashion-forward wardrobe, and one that is a plain cap without the fussy extras is what you need. The black lace-ups are excellent mens shoes that take you to work and out for an evening. These shoes also look awesome with a pair of jeans.

The penny loafer has gone modern, and style experts adore it. It’s considered an elegant slip-on and terrific with a casual suit or jeans. The new kind of penny loafers are mens shoes that feature a thinner sole with a sleeker toe. This type of footwear in dark brown is a winner.

Shoes are like friends, they can support you or take you down. ~ unknown

Unshined shoes are the end of civilization. ~ Diana Vreeland

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